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Discover a new scientific approach to weight loss that addresses the root cause of weight gain and helps you to shed unwanted weight, feel amazing and keep that weight off for the long-term.
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Reduce & heal Inflammation

The majority of weight gain is actually due to inflammation in the body. We work with you to determine the root cause and help you heal.

Enjoy real food & Delicious options

As your gut health improves and you can absorb nutrients better, we focus on long-term lifestyle and weight changes.

Reset your metabolism

We focus on gut health, which is vital to health and weight loss. Reset your metabolism and improve the way your body utilizes food and nutrients.

Proprietary supplementation

Nutraceuticals impact your metabolic pathways, making weight and fat loss easier. It contains no hormones or stimulants and comprises amino acids, vitamin B, and herbs.

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3d Body

3D body scans mean no more invading your personal space with tape measures and body measurement tools! Our scanning technology provides exact measurements, shape visualization, body composition, and more in an easy-to-read dashboard in less than two minutes.


Relive is the BEST! I lost 25 lbs. They take the time out to listen to your needs & set the foundation for success.
Maria Garcia
ReLive Weight Loss Glenview Client

The weight loss package provides support and sessions throughout four months. Two months for the reduction phase, where you can expect to see the most weight loss, and two months for maintenance (goal dependent).

Depending on your personal goals and the program that suits your needs best. The best way to get started and better understand your pricing options is to schedule your free no-obligation consultation. We offer flexible and affordable pricing options, including monthly payment plans.
12 one-on-one weight loss sessions, monthly 3D body composition scans to track progress and a supply of proprietary supplementation that includes 2 bottles of the lipo blend and 1 of the appetite control blend. Additionally, you will receive support through our app that provides progress tracking, meal plans and messaging and/or video capabilities with your weight loss coach.

We selected this program because of its holistic roots in whole real food.

  • You begin the morning by taking the nutraceutical drops- have a dropper of the lipo blend and 5 drops of the appetite control. Have your coffee and plenty of water. You’re fasting for 4 hrs, which allows the supplement to do its job without food interrupting.
  • Around 11-12pm, after retaking your supplement drops, you have 4oz animal protein with 4oz veggies and 4oz fruit. The same guidelines apply to dinner. After two weeks of the protocol, you will also have carbs reintroduced into your diet.
  • There are also “free” food options for when you are extra hungry.

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