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3D Body Scanning

Visualize your progress with our contactless 3D body measurement scanner

3D body scans mean no more invading your personal space with tape measures and body measurement tools! Our scanning technology provides exact measurements, shape visualization, body composition, and more in an easy-to-read dashboard in less than two minutes.

How 3D Body Scanning Works

Simply step on the scale turn-table platform, and the laser unit several feet away will start taking measurements as the platform slowly turns.

Scans take 30-40 seconds, while data processing and reporting take less than 2 minutes.

Data changes everything

See progress that can’t always be measured by a scale. The 3D scanner gives you an accurate model of your measurements so you can watch your body transform.

Safe scanning and reliable reporting for everyone

3D Body Scanning allows you to witness progress visually, providing valuable insights and motivation on your wellness journey, making it an invaluable tool for achieving goals and maintaining long-term success.